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Cupcake Campaign She's the First ran a campaign in Fall 2011 to promote participation in a Cupcake Bake-Off Week to raise funds for girls' education in the developing world. My goal of the promotional web and print graphics was to create a fun, bright, exciting, and inspiring feel. Go to STF Poetry Month page
Poetry Month She's the First ran a campaign in April 2011 to get people involved in poetry month and in STF's cause. I created web graphics including blog images and e-cards that focused on typography and words that still embodied the STF feel and branding. Go to 360 Degrees Magazine page
360 Degrees Mag As art director of 360 Degrees, a student-run magazine at SU, I was responsible for ensuring the theme of each issue was visually represented in all the various spreads and stories. Go to Civilization Magazine Page
Civilization Magazine Civilization Magazine was a project for my graphics course. Its look represents the overall mission of the publication's stories: to see today's world and culture from an alternative point of view.